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On November 30, 2013, as AERC celebrated its 25 years of capacity building activities in Africa, an announcement was made to establish an Alumni Association. Recognized was the need to harness a significant resource that AERC has produced through its capacity building activities over the years and build a unified voice to articulate the development issues facing the economies in the Sub-Saharan Africa. AERC network is diverse and dynamic where some of the AERC fellows have climbed the academic ladder, other are holding key positions in government, universities and international organizations, and others are giving back to the community by for example participating in the AERC training programs and also as resource persons in AERC thematic research.

Further, it was noted that while some fellows are still actively participating in AERC activities others are caught up in their new roles but willing to support AERC at a different capacity. Establishing the alumni was thus seen as a channel to facilitate pull together the membership.

Following the announcement to establish alumni is being set as an independent of AERC. The Steering Committee members also held an informal meeting with the already registered and prospective AERCAA members to discuss the proposed features of the alumni and an action plan for the next one year.

So far, over 150 AERC fellows have registered as alumni members. We have tried to respond to registration issues brought out by the membership and recruit others.

In the next six months, the steering committee aims to continue with the recruitment drive, finalize with the AERCAA constitution, roll out the activities of the alumni, and put in place operational guidelines. Please keep to the AERCAA website for updates and make your contributions by send a message to

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