Organization structure

  • Executive Committee to run the day to day activities of the alumni. The executive committee will be elected by the alumni membership to serve a term of three years which is renewable ones.
  • The Executive Committee will include:- a chair, editorial board chair, AERC secretariat representative, coordinator, three regional representatives, a student representative, a thematic research representative, a representative of associate members, and a representative of friends of the alumni.
  • The Executive Committee will be organized into sub-committees to take care of various activities including:
    1. Outreach and linkages with public and private sector in the region;
    2. Fundraising;
    3. Recruitment and Services for the membership;
    4. Publications and Database.
  • An Editorial Board to for journal publications with its chair as a member of the Executive Committee.
  • Focal point in each country to be contact points for the executive committee.